*WLS* imaginary 2nd post-op visit

Wednesday I was scheduled to have my 2nd post-op visit . We were about 5 minutes from leaving (my surgeon is an hour away) when they called me to reschedule. Dr. Nye had some sort of emergency, so now my appt is going to be next Wednesday, the 13th. I was just happy thath they caught us before we had hit the road…gas prices may be down a bit, but they still aren’t good.

I spoke with Rose, one of the nurses about a few questions I had written down. I got to move to the phase 4 on the diet plan and take the itchy, nasty steri-strips off. I also asked about the whole 2oz thing and she said no, eat until you are satisfied. Obviously my brain does work occasionally because I was just really racking my brain as to how if I was only eating 2oz, I would ever know if the band was doing its job. I can still only eat 3-4oz and even less in the morning so that is a good thing. I am having a hard time getting all my calories and protein in though. I average about 30g protein a day, and I am supposed to have 60g. I am also rarely getting above 500 calories a day so I really need to work on that before my body goes into starvation mode.

Anyhow, things are progressing well and we’ll see a weight next week at my appt (I threw out my scale a LONG time ago).

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  1. Glad they caught you, I would have been UPSET if I’d driven all that way. Hope you see pleasant numbers next time you go to the doc!


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