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It’s that time of year again and as much as I dread the *shopping* bit, I can’t help but smile. This time of year means that school is soon to start and my nice, orderly (in my dreams…LOL) life can get back on track!

Last year, Jacey’s supply list was a bit on the ridiculous side. This year though, I was pleasantly surprised. I managed to get everything (minus a roll of paper towels which I haven’t bought yet) for under $40. Can’t beat that! She even got to get a pink composition book, snazzy pencils and cool hip folders (yes, I spoil her).

If only the clothes shopping would be that easy. Luckily J already has several good outfits that were bought at the beginning of the summer and have never been worn or only worn once. She still needed a few more outfits though and a few fill ins (shirts and denim capris). We hit the BX and had success with new tennis shoes and found two adorable PINK shirts on clearance. Then to Target we trekked. I managed to find her 4 more outfits but no capris, only jeans. Jeans…in Florida… August!? Insane, it is only 105 outside..but, hey…jeans are just fine. NOT! So, we headed to Old Navy and same thing…jeans, jeans and more jeans. *sigh*

Tomorrow I have a follow up appointment in Pensacola, so we’ll probably look around there and hopfully have some luck. Who knew capris would be that hard to find?!

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  1. I enjoy this time of year myself! Not cause I am in a rush to get A back in school, but to school shop for supplies and clothes! We’ve had so much fun this year shopping new and thrift store too!! :)

    It always amazed me though living in FL growing up how they always sold stuff like jeans in the middle of summer that lasted forever…. I remember us getting sweatsuits for Christmas and we were headed out to the beach!! LOL.

    I hope you find some shorts or capri’s for the hot weather!


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