Jacey is trouble with a capital T. :-)

Normally she is a really good kids at school, having only come home with something other than a green stamp a handful of times. This week however, she came home with blue twice (one step down from green). On Monday it was because she wouldn’t quit making silly noises…okay, fair enough. Today…well, she came home with a folder full of notes she was writing to the boys. At 6!

While I am not happy about her getting in trouble and distracting the class, I couldn’t help but laugh, probably the first authentic laugh all week. Part of me wanted to discipline her and the other part wanted to say “hey, at least she is writing”, which was a big part of what her teacher wanted to her excel at this year.

*sigh* What am I going to do with her :-)?!

Love Notes - age 6

Love Notes - age 6

Love Notes - age 6

5 Responses

  1. Great handwriting, you just might have a romance novelist on your hands!! LOL.

    Seriously though… Alyssa is now 10 1/2 and the idea of boys is something I am having to get used too… Where did the time go and why can’t we bottle them up forever??? LOL.

  2. And Gee didnt’ they just celebrate Valentine’s? I wonder where she would get ideas like this? you can’t win for trying eh?

  3. Tell her that she needs to save those kisses for her Mi Mi and Pa Pa. She is an exceptional child and is growing way too fast.
    But I can see the influence of her wonderful parents and have no worries, just wishes that we lived closer. Just Smile and enjoy the moment and look forward to the many more great surprises she will have for you. Just wish her 18 year old Uncle Chris had as good penmanship. Hugs for everybody . Pa Pa …


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