Nana, give Bapa a hug for us!

Bryan got the call this morning that his Nana passed away late last night. He’s doing okay, sad that he can’t go to the funeral but relieved that she is not suffering anymore and is up in Heaven with Bapa. We’ll miss her, she was an outstanding lady!

 July 13, 1939  – February 27, 2008


August 2001 – Our Baby Shower



December 2001 – Jacey’s 1st Christmas



July 2005 – Our return from the UK



July 2007 – Jacey’s trip to Texas

Jacey & Great Nana - July 2007

2 Responses

  1. I will be praying for your family during this time. It never is very easy with a loss of any kind. But God’s grace is sufficient enough and I hope that your family finds that.

  2. Bryan,Lacey and Jacey I want to send on my prayers, and Sympathy for your loss, my GM passed 1yr ago on the same day. HUGS!


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