Christmas Letter 2007

Since everyone *should* have gotten our Christmas cards by now, I thought I would share our annual letter. Can you believe it is only 4 more days!?


Christmas 2007

Dearest Family & Friends,

Another year has come and gone. They always say the older you get, the faster time passes and we truly understand that now. This has been an amazing year, full of the many blessings God has bestowed on us.

Bryan began the year with a 3 week TDY to Las Vegas for a big multi-national military training exercise. After his return, he changed sections and went back out to his *real* job, actually working on the jets. In April he hit 8 years of service. Soon after that, he changed sections again and moved over to debrief. He is now the first stop for the pilots once they land the plane to enter any pertinent information into the computers for the maintainers. This change has been a true Air Force miracle; he has wonderful hours and best of all, a caring, family oriented supervisor. Bryan has also tackled a few off duty activities this year. He was assistant coach for Jacey’s indoor summer soccer league and head coach for her fall soccer league. He still enjoys volunteering for the A/V department at church, modding Xbox’s and has even began designing his own R/C plane.

Jacey recently turned 6 and is blossoming into a wonderful, sweet young lady. She started kindergarten in the fall and is excelling in her studies. Thanks to our pressing and her awesome teacher, she recently got put on the AR (accelerated reader) program at school and is currently the only one in her class on it. She is also scheduled for Gifted and Talented testing next month. Jacey is still tall and slender, like her Daddy, weighing in at 40 pounds and a hair under 45 inches tall. Jacey decided to stop gymnastics when her semester was over in the spring and took up soccer instead. She still LOVES going to Sunday school and enjoys singing in the children’s choir at the church. She is also our big helper, always willing to lend a hand cooking dinner or cleaning the house. She especially likes coming up to my work and getting jobs there.

I have been really busy this year as well. In April, in addition to still working part-time at the church, I finally took the plunge to turn my passion into a business. Dramatic Exposures, photography by Lacey became fully legal in the state of Florida on April 20th. In May, I had my first exhibitor’s booth at a local event for new and expectant mothers and in August, I hit my 1 year anniversary at the church. While I’d love to dive head first into my photography business, right now it is just a part-time venture. I have been blessed with wonderful bosses and a great working environment at the church and feel God is calling me to stay there for a while longer. In November, I got away for a much needed girl’s weekend with 3 of my scrapping buddies and while no scrapping got done, we had lots of fun. In my spare time (ha,ha…what spare time:-), I still enjoy digital scrapbooking for a bit of a creative outlet.

As a family, it has been a relatively quiet year, which was a blessing after last year’s go-go-go stretch. We took it easy, spending our free time at the pool or beach relaxing. Jacey made a trip to Texas in the summer, to see the grandparents and Bryan and I spent our 8th anniversary in Atlanta.

We hope this finds you all healthy and happy! We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our family to yours! Come see us @!

Lacey (Bryan & Jacey too)


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