photo shoots.

This year, I decided to tackle our yearly family picture. I needed one ASAP for our Christmas cards and haven’t yet found a photographer around here that matches my style. I also figured I would take care of Jacey’s 6 year pictures while I was at it. I am a professional photographer after all, I can do this.

What a PAIN! Why is it that your lovely family who cooperates for everyone else will not cooperate for you. Jacey was being a goofball and Bryan had to chimp every shot I took practically. Big help that is when I don’t want them to move in case the shot wasn’t good…LOL!

First attempt we went out under the pier on the island. I actually got several *good* shots but it was so windy that Jacey’s hair is covering her face in every one of them. We planned to make another attempt out there, since I love that location but the weather here lately has been less than cooperative. So, we pull out the backdrop stand and backdrop and Bryan sets it all up for me. Second attempt now…several decent pics except the lighting was off. Took a break, because I was getting frustrated. Went and picked up the truck from the dealarship and got some dinner. Third attempt, finally got some shots that will work. I am not entirely happy with them, but I was over trying. Next year, some other brave photographer gets to capture my family!

Family shot…

Christmas 2007 - family

Jacey – my fav of the bunch…

Jacey 6 Year - November 2007

Jacey – love the post processing I did to this one…

Jacey 6 Year - November 2007 (8)

Jacey – look at those toes, true happiness…

Jacey 6 Year - November 2007 (3)

Jacey – Miss Attitude…

Jacey 6 Year - November 2007 (5)

You can see the rest of the pics here.

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  1. I LOVE your picture!!! It turned out so good!! I am still trying to find the boys cute matching jammies for our Xmas card, I am so behind this year!! UGH!!

    Wish you were closer!!


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