long day.

It has been such a long day.

This morning, Jacey was up bright and early at 7am. I got her some breakfast and then messed around on the computer for a bit. Took a shower, gave Jacey a both, got dressed and headed out the door. Jacey and I both had eye exam this morning. Jacey needed new glasses but I did not. Tried out some new contacts, 30 day extended wear and so far they are really comfy. I go back in a week for a recheck on those. After the exams, we headed into the BX to get Bryan’s birthday present and me another pair of jeans. I am losing so much weight, that none of my pants fit anymore.

Afterwards, we headed to Lenscrafters and picked out some new glasses for Jacey. From there, we went and ate lunch at IHOP. Then to Target, for a few shirts for me, a few shirts and shorts for Jacey and a gift for an upcoming birthday party. Once we were done there, back to Lenscrafters to pick up Jacey’s new glasses. Finally then home.

Jacey and I both talked to Bryan and relaxed a bit before heading to the movies to see Charlotte’s Web. Of course, that was my favorite book as a kid and true to the past, I cried when Charlotte died. What a sight I am sure i was….some looney lady crying at a kid’s movie! Came home, put Jacey to bed, talked to Bryan again and now I am done. Definitely heading to bed before I fall asleep in my chair.

Project 365: Day 32

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