*The Beach*

I have been itching to go out to the beach and take some pictures since I got my new camera. Unfortunately, the weather has been less than cooperative here lately BUT, we finally made it out there Monday. It was a gorgeous day but we are all so used to the gloom and rain, that we had a hard time keeping our eyes open wide (hence the squinting in most of the pictures). I am pleased with the results though!

The only post processing these have is defog and watermark. I was going to play around with the RAW versions but got frustrated because the auto settings kept trying to darken our sand…it couldn’t get it through its head that our sand really is white…LOL!

Taken by me…

*beach shoot 1.15.07* DSC_0656-d

*beach shoot 1.15.07* DSC_0651-d

*beach shoot 1.15.07* DSC_0637-d

*beach shoot 1.15.07* DSC_0632-d

*beach shoot 1.15.07* DSC_0628-d

*beach shoot 1.15.07* DSC_0626-d

*beach shoot 1.15.07* DSC_0619-d-edited

Taken with tripod…

*beach shoot 1.15.07* DSC_0635-d

Taken by Bryan…and not on auto! Not too shabby =-)!

*beach shoot 1.15.07* DSC_0647-d

*beach shoot 1.15.07* DSC_0645-d

I still have a long ways to go, but I am getting better and learning lots!

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  1. AWESOME pictures!!! Really awesome!! i have been wanting to get outside and play with mine too but the weather is too cold and wet and snowy to play outside. i swear I am going to have to wait until spring to get outside and play with my camera!


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