{falling behind}

Why is it the more that I try to get caught up, the worse I fall behind? Maybe I will get caught up once Bryan leaves for his TDY next week but alas, I doubt it.

We finally finished our big *spring* clean. It is amazing how much junk one family can accumulate. What is even more amazing to me is how much one family can accumulate when I am absolutely, overly anal about mess and clutter. We threw away 4 or 5 garbages bags worth of stuff and filled to the top, the back of my trailblazer with stuff to donate to the Waterfront Mission. So glad it is done…now to just get the house cleaned up from all the sorting and pulling everything apart.

Monday, we took a break though and headed out to the beach to take pictures. It was a gorgeous day…

*beach shoot 1.15.07* DSC_0635-d

This is only a sneak peek though =-). If you want to see the rest, you will have to head over to my photography blog.

The rest of the week has just been work, school, gymnastics, choir, etc….I do eventually need to make it to the commissary if I want my family to eat. We shall see when I get the motivation to do that though…LOL!


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