2007 already?!?

I can’t believe that it it 2007 already! It seems like just last week I was trying to get used to writing 2006 and now I have to switch gears again. Oh boy, this might prove to be difficult…LOL!

I guess though, this means that I need to set some new year’s resolutions…eh?!? Aren’t those the things that everyone sets, gets gung ho about for maybe a month and then tosses them aside? How about I set some goals for the year instead…sure, that sounds more up my alley…

  • continue getting healthy, by watching what I eat and getting some form of exercise 2-3 times a week – sure, I’d love to say…lose 60 pounds, blah, blah but come on, let’s get real here…I need attainable
  • learn, learn, learn, more about my camera and get a portfolio going so I can hopefully launch a business in spring 2008
  • learn more patience
  • pay off at least 3 credit cards
  • deepen my spiritual life
  • be the best wife and mommy possible

I think that will do….now, everyone help keep me accountable will ya =-)

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