camera heaven

I am in camera heaven! Bryan bought me a new camera Saturday as an early Christmas gift…a Nikon D80 (and I have already taken over 300 pictures). It is SOOO awesome to have such a supportive husband!


I have wanted a dSLR for a very long time now, but they are just so dang expensive. I have done hour after hour of research on which one would be the best for me…yadda, yadda. Even after I thought I had decided, once I picked them up and held them, I changed my mind.

So now I get to start the photography class at the local college in January and REALLY learn how to use this thing…it is so daunting right now…LOL! It also doesn’t hurt that one of my bosses has his degree in photography, so I can always hit him up with questions:-).

I started a photography blog to but I can’t share it till tomorrow…a bit more tweaking to do.

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