*Beware, this post may be graphic*

I’m sick. Can I express how much I despise being sick. I’d rather get 20 penicillin shots in my backside a day than be sick. Does that express how much I don’t like being sick.

A few days ago, I was experiencing what I thought was just allergies. Itchy eyes and a clear runny nose. Then, it got worse. Now I have SEVERE congestion, sinus pressure, a pouring runny nose and a cough that brings up dark, green gross globs of mucous. And to top it off, now we think I have pink eye. Ugh! They say that the best form of defense against colds and pink eye is good handwashing practices. What rubbish! I have antibacterial soap by every sink as well as the hand sanitizer stuff. I also have bottles of the hand sanitizer on my work desk, home desk, nightstand, in my purse and in the truck. I wash my hands probably 50 times a day and my dry cracked cuticles *should* be perfect eveidence of that.

To make matters worse, I missed Jacey’s cheerleading * game* today and might have to miss her very first choir performance tomorrow as well as our Sunday School brunch and Jacey’s friend Micah’s birthday party. Bryan will have to miss his sound class to take Jacey to the party instead. I am hoping to make the choir perfomance at least because I don’t have to come in direct contact with anyone. This just sucks.

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  1. I feel for you because I am feeling the same way. Both of the boys have had runny noses the last couple days and today after cleaning out my closets my head is killing me and my throat is feeling scratchy and I am sweating too. I hate being sick — please don’t let me be sick.

    UGH for both of us!! Get well soon!!

  2. I’m sorry you are feeling so under the weather. It seems to be going around – nationwide. We all had colds, and both my kids now have ear infections. :(

  3. Feel better soon, we have the same here, I’m just starting and mrbabe but the AJ is home from school today and TJ was not but I feel like they should all be out of the house today. Did you find you were tripping over your own feet the day before you really got icky?


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