BUT Mommy, you know everything…

Jacey and I talk…a lot! Somedays when the why’s flow faster than what my brain can handle, I get to the point where I simply amswer with, “because I know everything”. This also applies to when she is doing something she shouldn’t and thinks no one knows. I just want to install that healthy fear that she can’t get anything past me…LOL!

This works okay for the most part, until mornings like today that it backfires.

Routine has it that after I get her sat at the table for breakfast, I check her calendar to see what is going on at school that day and then go get her clothes out. Well, today she walks into her room to get dressed and is utterly frsutrated with me. “But Mommy, today is western day.” “Well Jacey, it is not on your calendar and we didn’t get a note from your teachers about it, so get dressed.” “But Mommy, YOU KNOW EVERYTHING!”


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