*yawn* I am so tired right now. I have been up since 6-ish this morning…why on a Saturday morning you might ask? Well, I have inconsiderate neighbors that seem to forget that their back deck is only like, what…25 feet or so from my bedroom window. Gotta love base housing. So, since we were up anyway, Bryan mowed and I started the laundry..joy, joy. I guess there is a first time for everything though, I had all the laundry sorted and 2 loads done by 7am…LOL! Not that it was a first I truly ever wanted to accomplish:-).

The rest of the weekend will be spent finishing up laundry, cleaning and packing since we leave for Orlando Monday morning. We don’t even have to leave the house for the rest of the weekend except for church since we got all our shopping done yesterday. Can someone explain to me though, how you can spend $97 at one place and $87 at another and still feel like you didn’t really *get* anything. It just amazes me! Bryan did get some new tennis shoes since his beloved Sketcher’s have started to tear a bit (they are 2 years old afterall) so that was a good portion of it. He fought getting new ones because the Sketcher’s are so comfortable but he finally found a pair that would do…LOL! What is it with men…they don’t care what it looks like, so long as it is comfy and I *jump* at the chance to get new shoes….crazy:-). We also got Jacey a new swimsuit, on clearance at that, since she is outgrowing her other 3 and I also found a new nightshirt for me on clearance as well. I recently noticed just how bad my night clothes were looking so that was another needed item. Everything else though was just misc stuff for our vacation (sunscreen, drinks, snacks, sunglasses (since I am not too keen on taking my $100 pair on rollercoasters), sharpie (for Jacey’s Disney autograph book), batteries, blah, blah). Adds up all too quick, ya know!?

Yesterday, we finally got some info in the mail from Saint Mary’s for the upcoming school year. We have orientations on July 31st and August 2nd and then school starts on August 7th. Jacey wasn’t as excited as I thought she would be when I told her BUT I also think it is because she can’t see it on her calendar yet…only Disney…LOL! She’s got tunnel vision to do believe:-). She tells us everyday, how many more days till Disney. Please pray for no tropical storms for the next week at least, she would be heartbroken if something interfered.

On another note, my little fish is now ready for level 2 swim lessons! This is the child that a year ago when we moved here was scared to death of pools and the beach. She now has NO fear and the only thing holding her back from just taking off is that fact that she sinks like a rock. Poor munchkin is like her Daddy was as a kid and has absolutely no body fat to help keep her afloat.

my little swimmer

I also got some good news this morning. Here recently I have applied for a few creative teams…I didn’t get accepted to a few, haven’t heard back from a few but got news this morning that although I didn’t make the full team, I did get an invitation for a guest CT spot for October. YAY!! I *love* this designer’s work and everyone has to start somewhere, right:-). I’ll share more details like who, etc once everything as been confirmed.

More later as I need to get off of here and tackle the house. I was trying to wait till Jacey was up but she’s still not and I want time for a nap today. Getting up this early kicks my butt…

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  1. Congrats on the CT guest spot. You are so awesome with the digital stuff, I’m sure you will get on a DT soon!


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