So did you read the news today?? WWIII happened here at my house last night!

Many of you have heard me gripe, moan and complain about my neighbors. Well, last night I walk outside and one of their visitors had my vehicle completely blocked in. The way I park, there is no accidental blocking, this was blatant disregard. So, I managed to catch the guy going out and asked him to refrain from blocking me in anymore. Well, he went off…good thing Bryan was outside to hear it as I had to walk away before I decked him. Ended up being an hour long arguement about my neighbors and their lack of concern for my property. I still don’t know if anythign got resolved, I had to come in before I just completely lost it. We shall see…I can say that I didn’t hear them once today though….LOL!

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  1. Why don’t you come out to the “country” with Kelly and me? You won’t have a neighbor if you’re lucky! LOL!! Sorry you have to deal with shitty-ass neighbors. I tell you, I don’t miss base housing at all!


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