Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen

What are the best 13 things you have accomplished since your LAST birthday that ended in a zero?

1. I had a beautiful, perfect baby girl.

2. Almost 7 years of marriage and still going strong.

3. Managed our finances to allow us a brand new vehicle.

4. Traveled to France.

5. Majoritively enjoyed three years of living in the UK.

6. Survived a deployment.

7. Did not commit suicide during that deployment.

8. Made peace with everyone close to me that I had a bad relationship with.

9. Came to peace with my sperm donors lack of concern and involvement in my life.

10. Went on a cruise just with Bryan, a long overdue honeymoon.

11. Grew closer to God.

12. Found a religion that truly fits.

13. Learned a LOT!


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