Friday, Friday

Not too terribly much to post about today. I was going to post a LO that I did but Flickr is currently having a massage so it will have to wait till tomorrow.

Updated the webpage today with a few new pics if you want to take a peek. Managed to get the house vaccuumed and swiffered as well as the LO done so I guess the day wasn’t an entire waste! Ended up going out to dinner at Tijuana Flats and then to Baskin Robins for ice cream after since MIL & GMIL were running a little late. They called from the visitors center as we were on our way back so that worked out perfect. Visited with them for a little while and then got them all checked into billeting. Jacey wanted to spend the night with Gram so she is there and the house is eerily quiet. Not sure what is in store for tomorrow yet…maybe dinner at Joey Tomato’s at least?!?! (Even though we were just there Monday with Paula and Randa…man I LOVE that place!)
Well, Flickr is now up and running again so look for the LO soon.

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