No, I didn’t drop off the face of the planet although it may seem that way. I have just been UBER busy and figured since I had a minute of peace and quiet that I ought to post somthing…LOL!

Friday we picked up my truck after firing the body shop. They had my truck for almost 2 weeks and all that they had managed to do was remove the back window, not cool. Monday we met with the USAA area rep and he vowed to make it right INCLUDING the damage that the fired body shop left to the inside and outside of my truck. Yes, they left more issues but let’s not EVEN go there! So, the truck is set to go into another shop on July 24th after we get back from vacation and then after in for a full interior and exterior detail. We shall see…I know it sounds bad but I am losing faith that my truck will ever be the same.

Anyway, onto more upbeat stuff. This weekend was spent cleaning (and shopping, I will share in another post what I got) to get ready for Paula and Miranda to get here. YAY!!! I haven’t seen them since Jacey was 2 weeks or so old (darn AF) and I have missed my sis SOOOO much! We had a good time catcing up and the girls were, well girls…LOL! They got along wonderfully the majority of the time but did have a few to be expected disagreements. They got here Monday morning and we were sad to see them leave Wednesday morning. I do know though that we can’t go 4.5 years again between visits…no way, no how!

Wednesday was gymnastics and today I did a whole bunch of nothing. Tomorrow Bryan’s bio mom and Nana get here for a visit till Sunday so I will have to do a quick clean of the house in the morning. I definitely took advantage of being lazy today though.

In other news, we FINALLY got Jacey’s t-ball pictures in (yes, a MONTH after the season ended)…what a fiasco the “Y” has been. We decided to skip soccer through the “Y” this fall and instead let her do cheerleading with the church and then soccer in the spring with either the church or city. The “Y” was THAT bad! The cool thing is, a little girl that she has gone to gymnastics with since August is doing cheerleading too so *hopefully* they wil get to be on the same team/group. Her mom and I are also trying to get them in the same gymnastics class this fall too.

Talking about activities, isn’t summer supposed to be relaxing??? I feel like we have been going non-stop and there is no end in sight….oy! Next week is calm but then after that, is swim lessons for 2 weeks, school physical, vacation at Disney for a week, soccer camp for a week and then there is only one week left till Jacey starts school full-time! Wow…guess life is never dull, eh!


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