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Okay, so I lied and didn’t get back here after Tops In Blue. Bryan and I instead spent some much needed husband and wife time {if you know what I mean…LOL}. It had been a while since we had family for 10 days and then my lovely punctuation mark showed up very uninvited. Some days I just really wish the docs would take everything out…I would gladly take a pill daily for the rest of my life to avoid that utter nuisance. Anyway…

Yesterday was a somewhat busy day. Jacey and I had lunch with my friend Kelly and her munchkin. Wendy and her munchkin had planned on being there too but she started feeling bad and couldn’t make it. Jacey crashed on the way home so instead of heading to the BX like I needed, we stopped at home so she could nap till Bryan got home. After he got home we ran to Niceville to pick up some African Violets {lets pray I don’t put them to an early death}, swung by DQ from some ice cream and then took Jacey to the Children’s Park for an hour or so. Came home, Bryan made dinner and then after Jacey was in bed, he tinkered with an XBox and I scrapped.


Ahh yes, scrapping…was minding my own business last night, almost done with a layout {it was only minus drop shadows} when in an instance it was gone. Poof, vanished….grrr! I was tempted to just give up but the LO was for Bryan and a challenge of sorts on TheDigiChick so I plugged away again. This time I got smart though and saved about every 5-10 minutes…what I want to know though is why can’t PSCS2 have an autosave feature and if it does, where on earth is it?!?! Even Microsucks programs autosave! Oh well, I guess it worked out for the best though since I really like the 2nd version better than the first. Here it is…


I also realized I didn’t share the LO I got done at my last crop. This is for a circle journal swap I am in on a scrapping list. This entry is for a recipe cj.

SWAPS-MSPcj-fortasha-pg1{may2006} SWAPS-MSPcj-fortasha-pg2{may2006}

Oh, and did I tell you?!?! I finally got a wide format printer…woohoo! I just happened upon a kick butt deal from the girl that hosts the local crop I go too. I am so stoked! I have already printed out one LO and it looks great! The biggest issue though was fitting it on our desks yet having everything that I utilize accessible to me. Finally got it arranged and liveable…I think:-)


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  1. Oh wow that layout that she did for you is gorgeous!

    And I love your layout about you hubby! I love the torn edges on the paper — someday you will have to teach me how to do that!!

    WooHoo to you for getting a new printer!! They are pretty cool! :)


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