Happy Halloween!

Anyway, my friend Amber and I took the kids trick-or-treating tonight and it was lots of fun even though it was just us girls. Her hubby is TDY and Bryan is working swings (3pm-11pm) this week for an inspection up at work. The kids made it several blocks before getting tired and got loads of candy. While we were out, Jacey kept getting tripped up on the shoe covers that went to her costume and must have started to get frustrated with it because the last time, she replied back with “man, not AGAIN!”. She is just too funny….

After we got done trick-or-treating, I took her McD’s for dinner and then by Bryan’s shop so he could tell her goodnight. He normally does the bedtime routine around here and I could tell she was missing him.

So, now here I sit struggling to stay awake and wait on Bryan to get home (if any of this makes sense, it will be a miracle since I am SO tired). Guess I will get off of here and go see if I can find something enthralling enough on the TV to keep me awake.


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