Tuesday Tidbits

Nothing outstanding here…I’m bored and my post will probably prove it.

  • I finally got around to updating the photos and videos on the webpage…its only been lacking since February. Sigh. Why can’t everyone have a facebook?! That is SO much easier. Check them out of you’d like, here.
  • So, my weight was up 2.6 pounds from Friday for my 10 month weigh in today…bleach. I know that I was carb-loading for my race Monday but, come on. That would be over 13,000 ingested in 3 days. I think not. I don’t like seeing the higher number, but I am not going to stress it. In reality, I have stayed plus or minus about 2 pounds for the last month with no effort whatsoever. I am beginning to think that my body have stabilized here. I’d like to get off this last 19-ish pounds, but I wouldn’t be totally heartbroken to stay here. I made my first weight goal, no longer need the plus sized section, feel awesome, weigh less than when I got married and am happy. That’s what matters, right :).
  • The race yesterday was amazing! The weather sucked but I feel so accomplished right now! Especially, with all my worries about my training being *off* since my gallbladder surgery. 4.4 miles, 49 minutes and 36 seconds of straight running coming from the girl that forged notes as a child to get out of PE. The girl that 8 months ago could barely run a minute without wanting to die.
  • On that note though, I think I am going to chill on races till the fall. It is just getting so hot here now and I’m not sure I could deal with much worse than yesterday. My CLL doesn’t allow my body to properly regulate temps so I am already at a disadvantage. Bryan has a 5K trail run Saturday and then I think our next run is going to be the Garcon Point Bridge 4.8 mile in October.

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  1. elizabeth

    Way to go on your race, that totally rocks and what a HUGE accomplishment!!!

    I tell ya, every time I read your blog I could of written some of the stuff myself! I hit a wall too. I cannot seem to shake this last 10 pounds. I can lose 5 and then gain it right back all the time not getting past the mark I want to get at and be where I want to be!!! I need to get where you are, and just let it go and be okay with where I am… You are an inspiration to me!