Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen reasons why I only have one child (aka, why in the heck did I chaperone an out of state field trip :).

1. I got my little girl on the first try.

2. Little girls are calm.

3. Little boys are wild.

4. Little boys and little girls together are just plain nuts.

5. Loud noises hurt my ears.

6. Three kids all battling to be heard are loud.

7. I am not quick enough to answer three gifted children’s questions at the same time, one challenges me enough.

8. I cannot go into two bathrooms at once (and I am sure the men inside would not appreciate me trying).

9. One is costly, three are bank breaking.

10. One makes a choice, three do not like the majority rules philosophy.

11. Keeping up with three kids in a crowded place when each one wants to see something different is insane.

12. One tires me out, three exhaust me.

13. I only have two hands, one for Bryan and one for Jacey.

We had a lot of fun today, but I am very thankful Bryan was there with me. I am so not a kid person and truly commend parents that can have more than one and maintain sanity!!

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