Team Dirtbag Runners 2019

So stoked to be picked to be a Dirtbag Runners ambassador for this year! I’ve been super selective in which programs I apply for and have even given some up because I’m just overwhelmed with life! This one though, I just keep getting to do me. Exploring, running, dreaming big, and enjoying fellowship!

Not sure what a dirtbag is?

Some dirtbags are extremely social and love staying up late around a campfire sharing songs and stories with friends. Others prefer the solitude of the mountains, going to bed early and being up at the crack of dawn when the world is fresh and hangover-free. Dirtbags come in all shapes and sizes. We are a community.

A true dirtbag is someone who can be themselves, without worrying about fitting into a label. They don’t skip showers to be cool. They live where they want to live and act how they want to act. This makes some of them sweet, some of them silly, and most of them downright weird. If you suspect you’re a dirtbag, you probably are.

So next time you question whether X, Y, or Z qualifies you to be a Dirtbag Runner, sit back and ask yourself these questions:

Do I love adventure?

Do I love being outdoors?

Do I love the weekends I spend camping, running and exploring the world and meeting new people?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you embody the Dirtbag Runner (in our terms) ideology. Congraduations. Now stop worrying about the term itself and get out there on the trails where life really matters!

Want to learn a little about the other amazing people I get to represent with? Click here. :-)


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