Tuesday Tidbits | 02.21.17

  • Why can’t people find better hobbies and use their intelligence to cure cancer or something? Came home from a weekend in Phoenix, only to discover unauthorized charges on my main credit card. The card is in my possession and I’ve reviewed everywhere I’ve been and used it. All legit businesses. Sigh. Our home network is secure, I always check for https and I use a VPN on my phone and laptop when I am not at home. Oy. So frustrating.
  • On the 11th, the family and I did the Cupid’s Chase 5K in Mesilla. We had a lot of fun and I even got my PR that I was striving for! Take that, 2009. :) Not to be one to stand in the background, J won overall female, NOT with a PR. She definitely did not get her speed from me. Race report coming soon.

  • Guess who is doing the 2018 Disney World 5K and Half Marathon in January? Us! Bryan took a day of leave to help me get us all in since Disney races have a tendency to sell out. I was really worried about this year since the 2017 race had to be called and people had the choice to shift their registration to 2018. We got in, though! All three of us will be running the 5K on Thursday and half on Saturday. Now to get us all injury free before then.

  • I got a new case for my Macbook, isn’t it pretty? My old one was getting pretty gross and cracked (probably from me dropping it…oops). I think I have a thing for patterns, what do you think?

  • Took a road trip with my favorite girl this past week to Chandler, AZ for a swim meet. Bryan opted to stay home and go hiking and do school work for his birthday. Road trips are not my thing, but my new car was fun to drive (when people would actually get out of the fast lane…grrr). The weather was terrible, rainy and cold, but it was fun to watch J get to swim, I haven’t watched her at a meet since July. We also got to see tons of friends from Vegas, eat at Cafe Rio and In-N-Out. NM State is in 2 weeks and she is hoping for even better times there.

  • While we were in Arizona, I had an 8 mile run slated. I really had to talk myself into it, since the weather was not cooperating. Finally convinced myself to get out there and had a great 1.27 miles. Then, the hip pain hit. My hip had slightly bothered me on the previous Thursday’s run but felt great Sunday morning before the run. I contemplated turning back, but I am stubborn. And often dumb. I earned all 8 of those miles and could barely walk the rest of the weekend. I saw my PCM this morning and she wants me to stop running, let it heal, do physical therapy and NOT do my half. She thinks it is only muscular right now but doesn’t want it to become any worse. She knows I have to make that choice and right now, I’m not going to. My half is in 26 days, so am going to rest for the week and try a short run this weekend. We will assess from there. I made it through half training 60+ pounds heavier with no injuries. Why now?

  • One good thing did come from my 8 mile run. I got a reality dose of just where I was and how much weight I have lost. I last wore my hydration vest, hiking last summer, not long after we moved here. It was just a tad bit too big. NSV for the win! Felt good to visually see the results of all the busting of my ass!


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