#theamazingjacey :: 2014 LVSC Swim-a-Thon

Hi Friends and Family,

I have been a swimmer for 3 years now, going from barely able to swim the length of the pool to medaling at junior olympic level competitions. I often get asked how can you swim back and forth, endlessly in a pool staring a the black line at the bottom of the pool? Passion, no, obsession.

Most people I know can hardly swim a single lap of a pool. I am VERY proud of my accomplishments and I know that swimming is making me a better person. More capable. More confident. More everything. I can’t imagine not swimming. I have made fantastic friends and learned valuable life and character lessons. I love swimming!

All said, the reason you’re reading this is my swim team is running a fundraising event to raise critical money that will be used to benefit our team. We will swim for 2 hours or up to 200 lengths of the pool, whichever comes first.

Donating is really simple. Just click the image below. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Thank you for supporting me!


Click here to be taken to the donate page!
Click here to be taken to the donate page!


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