project 365 :: year 34 day 238 through 244


June 23 :: p365 :: year 34 day 238 :: This, right here is my light at the end of the tunnel right now. Why is it, that you want to run away more as an adult than a child?!


June 24 :: p365 :: year 34 day 239 :: Old people make me laugh (mainly, because we’ll all be there some day). This guys goal for 2014, “to not die”. I suppose he’s doing pretty good so far. ;-) 


June 25 :: p365 :: year 34 day 240 :: A different view today. Someone sat in my “pew”. ;-)


June 26 :: p365 :: year 34 day 241 :: This sexy guy has my heart and has for 15 years now. We may have been young, naive and doomed to failure (I mean we married after 6 months of dating, only being in the same town for 3.5 of them) but love conquers all. *Bryan had to have official photos done for a SNCO class, so we have the stoic one. I requested a smile though and he obliged.* 


June 27 :: p365 :: year 34 day 242 :: I love this gift from a dear family friend, it helps me focus on the hard days. Thank you. 


June 28 :: p365 :: year 34 day 243 :: Oh, these kids! I’m so thankful for the camaraderie within the team and the laughs they constantly elicit. :-)


June 29 :: p365 :: year 34 day 244 :: J made me one of her famous omelets for breakfast. Bryan used to be my go to omelet person, but not anymore. Shhh…don’t tell him he’s been replaced. ;-)


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