Thank You | Operation Homefront Holiday Meals for Military 2013

Military life is hard, there is no arguing that. There are some bases better than others and community support can be great, so-so or downright pitiful. With as unimpressed as I have been with Nellis AFB and Creech AFB as a whole, the community support here is amazing.

There are constantly programs put on by the VFW, Gold Star Moms and Operation Homefront just to name a few. They are much appreciated by most that I talk with and help bridge the gap that the bases are leaving. Normally, we don’t participate, simply because I feel like we are not the bottom of the military totem pole anymore and I would rather the younger airmen with families get the benefit (because contrary to popular belief, military members are not rolling in the “dough”).

This year though, I got “yelled” at enough that these organizations want to bless as many as they can and we deserve to participate as well, not just volunteer. So, we did. This marks the 3rd time in almost 15 years that we have ever participated in a program like this.

Enter Operation Homefront Holiday Meals for Military and their amazing contributions. Everything you see below was included as well as a $30 gift card to Wal-Mart and coupons for a free turkey, fruit cups and fruit parfait. When Bryan picked up all the stuff, I was speechless. These sponsors went over and above for the military families and I can not express my gratitude enough. Thank you!


click the image to head over to the Holiday Meals for Military website

If you were blessed this year by this program or a similar program, take a moment to say thank you. These companies/businesses/sponsors do not have to participate and do so, because they want to. Let them know you appreciate it!


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