A bet that paid off…I think!?

Bryan – circa 1998


15 years ago today, this goofy, funny, cute guy took a chance, sent me an email and forever changed our paths.




Yes, we met online…way before meeting online was “cool”.

At the time, I was dating another guy, a cowboy. Can you imagine ME dating a cowboy?! We chatted almost daily though, found out we worked less than a mile from each other and lived less than a mile from each other in addition to going to the same college (well, that part wasn’t hard since Victoria only had one campus at the time). On January 5, 1999, I broke up with the other guy and Bryan got brave enough to ask me out. As you can see, the rest is history.

We had our first date 1 month and 1 day after that initial email and then married 6 months and 26 days later. Whirlwind romance? Yes! Especially considering Bryan was in basic/tech school for over 3 months of that time. Was it dumb? Probably. But, obviously something worked.

Later, much later in time, I found out that I was a bet. The guys he worked with bet him that he wouldn’t have a girlfriend by the new year. Well, he *technically* lost that bet, but he gained 15 years of adventure, a wife who wouldn’t trade him for the world and a little girl.

In the end, I think we both won.

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