a trip down memory lane

Yesterday, I went in search of a past “love letter” from Bryan for a project. Of course, as per the norm when I pull out that shoebox with all of our letters from basic and tech school, I get teary eyed reading them and spend way more time then anticipated. One though, stands out and Bryan gave his blessing to post it ( good luck deciphering it though :). This was what you could call, the start of “us”. I remember getting this letter and being ecstatic and sad at the same time. Ecstatic to say yes, sad that I couldn’t call him and tell him yes (he was still in basic).

052799 - proposal letter - Bryan to Lacey - pg1-sm

052799 - proposal letter - Bryan to Lacey - pg2-sm

052799 - proposal letter - Bryan to Lacey - pg3-sm

052799 - proposal letter - Bryan to Lacey - pg4-sm




Do you keep things like this and ever take trips down memory lane? I am an EXTREME minimalist, but these are one of the few things, that I could never part with.

No matter what.

2 Responses

  1. Absolutely. I have a box full of letters Hubby has written me, and some other keepsakes, like the first bouquet of roses he ever gave to me. Somehow, it has survived our military moves!

  2. Aww!! I had tears in my eyes, at one point, while reading this letter. I also kept EVERY letter that William wrote me during basic and Tech school … and he did the same. I have actually kept (almost) ever email from the other 2 deployments … and now on our 3rd deployment it’s the same thing. :) Blessings to you all!


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