35 random things

I was tagged, but instead of tagging anyone and making them feel pressured to participate, how about anyone that reads this do it if you want. If you do though, link me up in the comments, so I can read :).


1. I have become a HUGE procrastinator since I stopped working. Totally out of the norm for me.

2. I am a huge geek and love all things techy.

3. There is an 80’s Madonna song on the music channel right now and I can sing along. Does that show my age or what?!

4. I am addicted to making notes, to do lists, etc. Paper and digital versions.

5. I have gained 30 pounds since October and I am NOT happy about it.

6. Some days I have pity parties about having cancer and other days it does not phase me at all.

7. I love my iPhone, but I do NOT like talking on it. Or any phone. Give me email any day of the week.

8. I absolutely adored Paris and would live there in a heartbeat.

9. We are currently about to close on our very 1st house and while I am very excited, I hope to not have to do it again for a VERY long time.

10. I love frogs. I have several frog *things* and even 2 water frogs (they are our 3rd and 4th technically, my first pair Bryan got me as a gift when we were newlyweds).

11. Black is my favorite color.

12. Red and green come in a close second and third.

13. I WILL run a half-mary…someday.

14. I am very competitive and am a sore loser.

15. I had to have a c/s with Jacey because she was stubborn and wouldn’t turn….the stubbornness has not ceased :).

16. Bryan and I met online.

17. Bryan and I got married after 6 months “together”. Only 3 was spent dating though, since he left for basic soon after we met.

18. We were given 6 months.

19. We just passed up 11 years this past July.

20. I still like to color in coloring books.

21. My toenails are ALWAYS painted.

22. I like home DIY projects….except painting. I leave that to Bryan.

23. I rarely watch TV.

24. I am addicted to prime lenses.

25. I want to learn how to snow ski someday.

26. I cannot water ski to save my life.

27. I can wakeboard though.

28. I was a lifeguard and swim instructor all through high school and college.

29. I had to pay for Jacey lessons to learn how to swim though. Parental headbutting got the best of me and I gave up.

30. I REALLY want a Macbook Pro.

31. I love to cook and am looking forward to my huge kitchen!

32. I have lived in 3 states, 2 countries and more cities than I have fingers.

33. 95% of the time, I don’t feel like I am a very good Mom.

34. I am a grease monkey in hiding. I like working on cars and don’t mind getting dirty (so long as I don’t have to stay that way long).

35. I am a t-shirt, jeans and flip-flops girl.

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