Thursday 13: 13 things I have loved about living in Florida

13 things I have loved about living in Florida.


1. Being closer to family. After 3 years in the UK, it was nice to be closer for a bit.

2. My job. I wasn’t specifically looking at the time but it was exactly right for me.

3. The beach/water views. Seeing the sun setting on the water while going over the Mid-Bay Bridge is absolutely breathtaking.

4. Fresh, delicious seafood.

5. NicevilleUMC and the people that make it up.

6. My girls, they know who they are.

7. My PIC.

8. My oncologist. While I would have never “wished” to have cancer, God put me in the exactly right place to get the diagnosis.

9. My surgeon and finally getting approved for WLS. It has helped me shed the weight and find myself again.

10. Owning my own business for a bit.

11. Being able to “park hop” more affordably.

12. Much less drama than the UK.

13. Getting paid to live in other people’s dream vacation destination :).


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