This is the TDY that neeeeeeeeever ends…

… it goes on and on my friends.

Sing it with me…you know you want to now that I have placed that annoying song in your mind.

This is the TDY that neeeeeeeeever ends… it goes on and on my friends.

(Title idea lovingly lifted from Delta…have I ever said how much I would love to meet her in person?! She’s just seems like a fun soul and is an AF wife, too.)


I know,I know, I shouldn’t complain. When we first got these TDY orders, Bryan wasn’t due to be home until July 17th and it is just now July 1st. But, when we were told about halfway through that he would get to come home early my whole mindset changed. If no one had ever told me, I would have been just fine. Instead now, I keep getting my hopes up daily that these mission will get accomplished and he can book tickets home.

As of when I was in New Mexico with him a couple weeks ago, he was on schedule to be home by Saturday (June 26). That would have been prime, since that was the only day Jacey was home before camp and he would have gotten to see her. Then last week brought fuel contamination issues and then a change of command that halted all flying for an entire day (the commander must think he is important or something…ppffttt;-). This week Bryan actually got a mission accomplished on Monday but Tuesday and Wednesday were no go’s due to weather. Today marks the third attempt for his CO-3 ride. We shall see, if he can fly today and tomorrow, he can come home Saturday but I am not holding my breath at this point.

He is SO ready to be home and I am SO ready for him to be home. We are at 67 days and counting….sigh.

I am trying to figure out if the worst part is that we are so close and yet just can’t seem to get there (he only has CO-3 and an Eval flight to be done) or if it is the fact that we are in a day by day holding pattern. That is one part of the flying world I was not prepared for.

Curse this plane that can’t fly in clouds…LOL!

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