I’m going…

…to see Bryan! I’m going to see Bryan!

Originally, it was not in the plans for me to go see Bryan during this TDY. In between the PCS, me finishing up at work, school, etc compiled with the fact that Bryan wasn’t supposed to have a rental car, we briefly mentioned it and then dropped it. Well, things changed.

Bryan ended up with a rental car all to himself, so he can drive to El Paso to pick me up. Jacey leaves on Friday for 2 weeks in Texas, leaving me all by my lonesome. As for the rest, it will all be here when I get back, so I took the plunge and bought tickets. I fly out after work on Thursday, the 17th and come home Sunday, the 20th. It is a quick trip but worth it, since we haven’t seen each other in 45-ish days (on top of the back to back TDY’s he has had since October) and it will probably be the last couple time we get for a long while since we won’t have anyone to keep Jacey once we move to Vegas.

Even better, Bryan will most likely be home within 2 weeks from when I get back instead of the middle of July.



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