To say I am stressed here lately is probably one of the hugest understatements of the year. Everyone keeps asking me what exactly I am stressed out about and hmm…let’s just see…

In the past few months, I have dealt with…

  • a husband that is rarely home
  • a HUGE job change for said husband
  • planning for a cross country PCS without said husband
  • the military
  • work
  • getting my job streamlined and organized enough to train someone new
  • being a single parent
  • being Relay For Life event co-chair

And, this is all on top of normal stuff such as finding time to exercise, grocery shopping, bills, house, doctors appointments, cancer, fatigue, etc, etc…

Okay, for some people this would be a walk in the park, but not for me, miss high-strung type “A” personality. I do not deal well with any situation that I can’t control and well, I certainly can not control ANYTHING where the military is concerned.

So, something had to give. I’ve been talking a lot to Bryan about what to do and came up with a few solutions.

I stepped back from Relay For Life. As much as I love participating, our relay date was rained out and I just can’t keep trudging through rain date after rain date. We have a fabulous committee and as of the night of relay, we had raised over $131,000. Outstanding! They’ll be just fine to tie up the last few loose ends without me.

I also moved to a 3 day work week. While I will be working the same amount of hours, a 3 day work week allows me one more day in my week to tackle military appointments for the move, doctor’s appointments, gym time and heck, nap time all without having to constantly rearrange work.

And lastly, I signed up for a yoga class! Sure, it adds one more thing to my week but I think this is a good thing. It is while Jacey is in H20 on Wednesday nights, so it is normally my gym time anyway and if it teaches me to relax and clear my head, even 1% more than I am able to now, it will be totally worth it. Not to mention, that it should help with my breathing for running, hopefully help me get some of my flexibility back that running has killed and even burn a few calories while I am at it.

Small changes, that will hopefully yield huge returns in the stress department.

4 Responses

  1. Good for you! Hope it helps! I don’t have the medical issues or a PCS to worry about but the rest I can relate to alittle! Maybe I should find a yoga class too.

  2. hugs!!! you are doing wonderfully based on all life has given you. I’d have shut down long ago, you are a goer and a doer I’m so very impressed. Continued prayers! Cancer sucks!


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