throwing in the towel

Well, I give up…LOL! I started the 101 in 1001 with every intention of finishing it but alas, life is getting in the way. While I have a good start, with our upcoming move and such, there is NO way I will get done before my 31st birthday. Ah well, such is life sometimes, right?! Can’t win them all :).




So I am jumping on the bandwagon…it is nice to have goals and admittedly, I LOVE lists! Anyone care to join me?

The mission should you choose to accept…

  • Complete 101 preset tasks in 1001 days.

The criteria…

  • Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable, or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of effort on your part).

Between February 1, 2008 and October 29, 2010 (my 31st birthday…eek), these are the things I want to accomplish! I will update weekly as I get things completed.

In Progress items will look like this.
Completed items will look like this.
Failed items will look like this.

1. Get 5 people to register for the National Marrow Donor Program. (5/5)
2. Post on my main blog weekly. (100/143)
3. Complete the Gate-to-Gate run. (SEE POST)
4. Run the Gate-to-Gate run. (SEE POST)
5. Lose 70 pounds. (70/70) (SEE POST)
6. Work out 3 times a week for 3 months. (12/12) (SEE POST)
7. Get my nose pierced. (SEE POST)
8. Go scuba diving.
9. Go sky-diving.
10. Drink only 1 soda a week for 6 months. (24/24) (SEE POST)
11. Read 60 books. (23/60)
12. Try something new at a restaurant. (SEE POST)
13. Go to the theatre and see a show.
14. Give up fast food for a month. (4/4) (SEE POST)
15. Do not cut my hair except trims. (SEE POST)
16. Read the Bible cover to cover.
17. Join a Bible Study/Small Group and stick with it for a semester. (SEE POST)
18. Send in a Postsecret. (SEE POST)
19. Start taking taekwondo.
20. Go para-sailing. (SEE POST)
21. Be in bed before 10:30pm for a month. (30/30) (SEE POST)
22. Get a pedicure once a month for 6 months. (6/6) (SEE POST)
23. See my therapist at least 6 times a year. (6/6) (SEE POST)
24. Floss for 30 days straight. (0/30)
25. Drink 4 glasses of water a day for 2 weeks. (14/14) (SEE POST)
26. Go to a concert. (SEE POST)
27. Shave my legs 3 times a week for 3 months. (12/12) (SEE POST)
28. Get my teeth professionally whitened.
29. Take home half of a restaurant meal to eat later 10 times. (10/10) (SEE POST)
30. Leave a comment on each of my friends blogs that I read at least once a week for 2 months. (0/8)
31. Invest in at least a weeks worth of actual pajamas, not t-shirts.
32. Sing karaoke out in public once (totally sober…LOL:-).
33. Watch the sunrise on the beach.
34. Buy a new wardrobe that actually compliments me and looks chic:-). (SEE POST)

35. Make/get a cancer awareness bracelet similar to this in orange for my leukemia. (SEE POST)
36. Learn to knit.
37. Scrapbook 4 pages a month for 6 months. (8/24)
38. Take a college course in something.
39. Learn back-button focusing.
40. Go out once a month and shoot for ME for 6 months. (0/6)
41. Go Mac.
42. Shoot in M only for a month, no A or S. (30/30)
43. Scan in all my old photos (or pay someone to).
44. Participate in a activity or Project 365. (SEE POST)
45. Organize and purge our MANY keepsake containers.
46. Organize, purge and tag all my digital scrapbooking supplies.
47. Attend a photography workshop.
48. Upgrade cameras.
49. Buy the 85mm f/1.8 lens.

50. Get a matching tattoo with Bryan.
51. Take Bryan to the Melting Pot. (SEE POST)
52. Go on dates with Bryan twelve times (actually hire a babysitter and go). (11/12)
53. Renew our vows at 10 years (July 31, 2009). (SEE POST)
54. Go on a cruise with only Bryan again.
55. Leave a love note for Bryan hidden randomly twelve times. (1/12)

56. Have a family outing day twelve times. (12/12) (SEE POST)
57. Go horseback riding. (SEE POST)
58. Take Jacey to see the Nutcracker. (SEE POST)
59. Turn the TV off completely for a week.
60. Take a road trip along Route 66.
61. Go a week without the internet by choice :-).
62. Go camping…real camping in a tent! (SEE POST)
63. Go to NYC for a vacation.
64. Get family photos done with a photographer I admire.
65. Take Jacey on a cruise.
66. Start a weekly family game night.
67. Leave a note for Jacey hidden randomly twelve times. (3/12)
68. Take Jacey to swim with the dolphins at the Gulfarium, Sea World or elsewhere.

69. Participate in 2 Relay for Life Events. (2/2) (SEE POST)
70. Do something nice for a stranger anonymously.
71. Do something nice for someone in my family anonymously.
72. Spend Thanksgiving at a soup kitchen.
73. Spend Christmas at a soup kitchen.
74. Pay for someone’s meal in the drive-thru behind me.
75. Participate in a Habitat for Humanity build.
76. Give a 50% tip for service well done. (SEE POST)
77. Purge and donate 101 items to Bargain Box, Goodwill, etc. (101/101) (SEE POST)

78. Cook at home 4 times a week for 2 months. (8/8) (SEE POST)
79. Try one new recipe a week for a year. (44/52)
80. Get a canvas print made and hung on my wall. (SEE POST)
81. Decorate our bedroom…finally!
82. Buy a Wii. (SEE POST)
83. Backup off site weekly for a year. (52/52) (SEE POST)
84. Update my will.
85. Hire a house cleaner for bi-monthly service.
86. Buy jumper cables for both vehicles.
87. Move to a paperless office (home).
88. Clean, organize and purge the garage so both cars can fit, not just one.
89. Organize and purge my Firefox bookmarks.
90. Organize and purge misc files on my computer.
91. Buy Bryan a webcam for his laptop. (SEE POST)

92. Have $1000 in our main savings.
93. Buy a house.
94. Pay off the truck early.
95. Pay off the car early.
96. Pay off all credit card debt.
97. Start an investment account.

Finishing Up
98. Pick a charity for uncompleted tasks. (SEE POST)
99. Open an ING savings account. (SEE POST)
100. Put $5 into said savings for every item I crossed off and then do something fun with it at the end of 1001 days. (38/101)
101. For every item on the list not completed at the end of the 1001, donate $5 to charity. (2/101)

3 Responses

  1. let it be said that knitting is way overrated. I made it through half a scarf and got bored! And there was no need to decorate your bedroom bc you would just have to undecorate for this next move.

    Seriously though, it was an awesome effort!

  2. Hey Lacey I am going to do this!! How do you cross a line through the things you’ve done? I think I asked you this before but i don’t remember!!! Thanks!

    I’ll be starting mine February 1! :)

  3. Don’t quit! You have a long time left (9 months!) and you can still get many of the things on your list done. 35 of the 50ish you have left are *totally* do-able. It’s not an all or nothing proposition. Its meant to be hard and stretching. You can do it. I know it.


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