18 months…*shrug*

So, apparently Monday was my 18 month bandiverary. It hadn’t even really clicked with me until today when I ready Amy’s 1 year bandiversary post and I started thinking about how long ago my surgery was. *shrug*

I’m at the point that I no longer really *think* about my band. Sure, I still want to get these stinkin’ last 20 pounds off but in my day to day life it doesn’t cross my mind (of course, ask me this after my next fill when Dr. Nye thinks I’ll be at my sweet spot). My exercise is the norm, in fact I am really irritated that I had to take a rest day today (I tweaked my knee yesterday, NOT during my 1.5 mile trail run but during my my 0.5 mile cool down walk on a track…sigh) and I have learned what to eat and not eat and to slow down. Now, it is just a lifestyle.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like to keep up with a certain few banded friends and will give my advice/experiences to anyone that asks but I am past the point of it being a focus. The first year, it consumed my thoughts and now, it is rarely a thought. Funny how life works :).

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  1. That is interesting and I think it could be good news. I have been thinking about doing a post about this band obsession of ours…whether or not it is healthy…or normal, or what!


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