Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I want to get done while Bryan is TDY these next few months.

1. Clean out the file drawers. I usually do in in January each year, but slacked this year and it is almost January again.

2. Update our wills.

3. Purge the garage/attic stuff.

4. Get a good budget for after the move planned out, since losing my income is going to be a rude awakening the first few months.

5. Read 3 books.

6. Clean up and organize my firefox bookmarks.

7. Get caught up on editing pictures and stay caught up.

8. Scrap again.

9. Write a book review that I should have written months ago.

10. Create a chore chart for Jacey (she wants to clean toilets, I am tempted to let her…LOL).

11. Go to bed earlier.

12. Not go crazy.

13. Lose these last stinkin’ 17 pounds.

2 Responses

  1. I wish Rich would clean the toilet, when he actually cleans his bathroom he uses gloves because he doesn’t want to get his hands dirty. I asked him how he could pick up some of the stuff he did in Iraq, but he can’t seem to clean a toilet without freaking out about germs. *lol*

  2. Okay I think Jacey is plenty old enough to clean the toliet. If she wants to then why not. Just explain that she should not drink the water… Just kidding.


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