Can you believe it is already October?! Heck, it is not even the first, it is already the third…sigh. 26 more days till till I become an old lady…blech. 26 more days to get these last 12 pounds off to hit my final goal…not likely to happen. I haven’t missed a progress goal yet, but I really don’t see me making this one. I have no one to blame but myself for  derailing my success these last few month.


I did manage to get my October menu planning done, I just need to make the grocery list now. We really need to stick to the plan this month, as I got a very rude awakening yesterday when looking at “where our money goes” in quicken. We have spent right at $1K a month for the last three months on groceries and eating out. Especially appalling when you look at the fact that I eat less than Jacey, so we initially feed 2 people around here right now. Our greatest culprit is laziness though. We get home, don’t feel like cooking so we go out. In turn all the food that we bought ends up spoiling. Expensive and wasteful.

So, here is the plan…anyone out there willing to hold me accountable via twitter or facebook? Pop in every once in a while and call me out if I am not “cooking”?

October Menu (days that don’t have sides listed are just random veggies)

1. leftovers

2. teriyaki chicken, refried black beans, sweet potatoes

3. chicken noodle soup, cornbread, honey bars

4. 20 clove chicken, roasted veggies

5. leftovers

6. frito pie

7. dinner at church or out

8. broccoli cheddar quiche

9. taco soup, Mexican cornbread

10. hot dogs on the fire pit, potato salad, s’mores

11. church picnic – Greek tuna pasta salad, Heath cheesecake

12. leftovers

13. Pensacola – grilled cheese, tomato soup

14. dinner at church or out

15. pesto chicken, asparagus

16. curry chicken pot pie

17. breakfast – cheesy eggs, sausage, pancakes

18. grilled chicken salad, cranberry-pineapple minis

19. leftovers

20. spinach mushroom quiche

21. dinner at church or out

22. meatball subs, pea salad

23. camping – no clue yet

24. camping – no clue yet

25. spaghetti and meatballs, spinach pear salad

26. leftovers

27. crab salad tostada, black bean salad, Spanish rice

28. dinner at church or out

29. My Birthday – out to Melting Pot

30. firecracker enchilada casserole, black bean salad, Spanish rice

31. Halloween – frozen pizza

Nov 1. chopped steak, Italian marinated veggie salad

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  1. I’ll keep an eye on you and crack the whip when needed. ;)

    I was glad to see you did schedule in eating out once a week. I totally understand about getting tired and not feeling like cooking, so one idea I employ is we always have extra tv dinners or frozen pizzas on hand.

    My final piece of advice would be to take advantage of the nights/days you are on top of your game. On those nights, if there are any meals for later in the month that can be cooked ahead of time and frozen, then pick one or two and cook them alongside that night’s dinner, and then freeze them. Then you’d just have to reheat them. Every time I’ve cooked ahead of time like that, I’ve been really grateful for it later down the road.


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