So, is this what restriction feels like?! I haven’t felt it in so long, I just thought I had an elephant standing on my chest:).

Last Wednesday I got another 0.5cc fill which brings me up to 3.0cc in a 10cc band. Last year I went up to 3.5cc but that ended up to be, OMG, I can’t even drink water tight. Apparently, I am extremely sensitive to fills…why I don’t know. So, after a partial unfill and then my lovely round of gallbladder removal, we are slowly inching me back up. I stayed at 2.5cc for a few months and was losing but here the past few weeks could definitely tell I was pretty lose (I couldn’t eat too terribly much but was getting hungry again almost immediately). I’m not really trying to lose much more weight but figured I would give this one last “weight loss” fill a go before staying somewhere for maintenance.

During my 3 liquid days, I definitely couldn’t tell anything had changed but you can bet I did once I went back on solids. I am now eating half of what I was at 2.5cc even though I wasn’t eating “that” much then. I am also staying full for hours on end. In fact, at work the last 2 days I have almost missed lunch because I was busy and my tummy wasn’t rudely interrupting me. Everything is going down just fine though, so I know I am not overfilled this time. Hopefully it will last for a while, as “technically” I only have 13 more pounds to go. I am very happy where I am though (minus the jiggly bits…those can go), so we shall see. What will be will be…right?!

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  1. That is good to hear! My last fill left me pretty tight as well, although I think it is slowly loosening up. 13 pounds to go! Awesome. It will be nice to hear from someone who is “maintaing” and to be able to learn from you…Teach us Lacey…teach us! lol

  2. I don’t know whether to say yeah or neigh… I think those fills are good for you, even if they hurt right?

    I haven’t been on your blog to post a comment in what seems to be like ages!

    I love Jacey’s outfit! I hope she stays that way too!
    Love the new color of your office.
    You actually flew in that thing you took a photo by? No way….
    Your church looks like it rocks!
    I LOVE your sign “be yourself” that rocks too!
    We just recently went through A’s closet as well to get ready for school too! We don’t start here until the 2nd but she knows what she’s wearing to both the sneak peek and the first day of school!!! LOL.
    I like the 2nd photo from the left the best!

    Hope that your week is going better this week!

  3. Hi! I stumbled across your page from Mary’s :) I’m also a fellow bandster, Texan, husband is ex-Army and now teaches at the EOD school, and live in Crestview. Its awesome to find others so close!

  4. Awesome news, Lacey!! I’m hoping this is a good spot for you :) I’m one of those NOT so sensitive to fills and I’m so afraid I’m gonna be FULL all too soon. Consider yourself lucky if you don’t already :)


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