Thursday Thirteen (a day late and a dollar short…I suppose:)

Another thirteen random thoughts from Lacey :)

1. So, this morning I was being a bit obsessive. Friday is my normal weigh in day, but I weighed in at 7:15am when I got up to use the bathroom and again at 10:45am when I got up for the day and the weights were over a pound different. Not sure how that happens, but the later weight was the lower one, so I am taking it…LOL! I am now sitting at 152.4, so close to that 80 pound mark (152). It would be great if I could make that by my bandiversary on the 25th. Technically, I should since it is that nasty TOM and I am holding water weight right now.

2. Wednesday, I went to Zumba for the first time. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall watching me…I would probably be dead, from forgetting to hold onto the wall for laughing so hard. I always considered myself pretty coordinated and took dance for numerous years as a child. After this class, I am beginning to wonder if Bryan’s two left feet have rubbed off on me. I had a blast though and was wringing wet with sweat by the time I was done, so I will definitely go back. Eventually I might even look like I am dancing to the music instead of being off in lala land.

3. My Mom bought Jacey one of those “as seen on tv” topsy turvy tomato planters that hang upside down. Amazingly, it works and Jacey has 5 or 6 green tomatoes out there right now.  It is also amazing just how much water it takes though, you forget one day and the tomato plant looks like it has been neglected for a week. I think next year we will stick with a pot on the ground, I am just not that on the ball.

4. Our 10th anniversary is coming up on the 31st (wow, that makes me feel really old even though I haven’t hit 30 yet) and we are going parasailing as an early gift to each other tomorrow. I am so excited, I have wanted to go for years! We thought we would take advantage of not having to fork over $60 for a babysitter and go now while J is in Texas. I think we are also going to go go-kart racing afterwards (and make a stop at Godiva, but whose counting) and then do an anniversary dinner at The Melting Pot next Friday while we are still childless. Bryan has already ordered my gift but I have no clue what to get him. 10 is tin, what the heck is that about?! I have one idea for him that I know he would absolutely love but it involves me calling in a “favor” and I hate asking people for favors…LOL! So, I’m still working on it.

5. I have pretty much stopped going to the lap band talk forum and only follow a couple of  great banders (a few are local and I’d love to meet someday). I found that I am doing great on my own and the obsession on the forum is driving me nuts. I want to live a real life, have real food and occasionally have a dessert. I want to be able to skip a day of exercise if I don’t feel good and realize it is not the end of the world. The point now to me is lifestyle changes and moderation…and, apparently it works :). I just don’t get how people feel they are going to maintain the weight loss in the real world, getting to “goal” by only eating pre-portioned, processed foods and never having to truly “think” about it. I’m sure some people won’t like me saying this, but it is my blog right and one of the few places I can have my opinion.

6. I am definitely happy with my level of restriction again. I can still eat pretty much everything, just not too much. I am still only back to what I was at in October (before all my gallbladder issues) but since I am almost to goal and will soon just be maintaining, I think I will be good for a while. Who would have thought it would take this little for me (I only have 2.5cc in a 10cc band).

7. “Be cheerful no matter what; pray all the time; thank God no matter what happens.” 1 Thes 5:16-17 –  A good friend of mine reminded me of this verse yesterday and it really hit home for some things that have been going on recently. Definitely something to work on.

8. I miss my baby girl. 8 more days till she comes home!

9. I have been SO tired lately, I feel like all I do is work and sleep. I know my white blood cell counts are up again but I wonder if that is the cause or not. I see my oncologist again in September and don’t really want to go in before then just for tiredness. I guess that is just life with leukemia…sigh. Most days it doesn’t bother me, but some days it just sucks.

10. And so it begins, Relay for Life 2010. We have a round table discussion coming up this month and then we start actual committee meetings in August. I still wonder if I was having a moment of insanity signing up to be the vice-chair for the Niceville/Valparaiso event this year. It will be worth it though!

11. I would love it if everybody could take a few minutes to register here and help support our troops. This is a great (easy) opportunity and they appreciate it SO much!

12. Sigh, this was my last short week at work for a while and it is going to suck. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job but you quickly get spoiled to short weeks and long weekends.

13. Tonight Bry and I did an almost 4.5 mile walk to get ice cream. See how bad my addiction is (wasn’t I just talking about obsession earlier…LOL). At least I walked off half the ice cream so I didn’t feel SO guilty about eating it :).

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2 Responses

  1. I find myself on LBT all the time because Im bored at work…I really need to like Block it or something because it does get obsessive. ugh. 4.4 mile walk is GREAT! I can still only run 1 minute at a time and I still feel like im going to pass out. but Im working on it! I did great at the Firecracker 5k that was my 1st time doing one! Congrats on your 10th anni! that is awesome that you have been togeather that long! Congrats! I need to find somewhere that has Zumba it sounds fun.

  2. I have a tomato plant in a pot on the ground and its my first go at growing one. i am pretty sure I needed to use a bigger pot and its so touchy!

    I agree about LBT. I read it when i am bored at work (like Mary), but hate to post responses bc sometimes people get so nasty and defensive. I too cringe when I hear about people and how they fell off their “diet”. It’s not a diet. Isnt that why we chose WLS bc only 5% of people who diet ever keep it off. It is a real life changing thing. I do eat so much healthier now…and still have a ways to go…but my band is helping me get there..ya know?

    And if you are going to walk to get ice cream…4.5 miles sounds like a plan to me :)


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