Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen random thoughts from this week (since I have been slacking and missed Tuesday Tidbits).

1. I am addicted to facebook and twitter. Really addicted…LOL!

2. This week we have cut a few random bills by anywhere from $110-125 a month!

3. I got a fill Monday, I am finally back up to what I was in October. I can definitely tell I have restriction again though, because that first sip of water in the morning is making me nauseous…LOL! The liquids suck but I get real food again tomorrow.

4. I finally have an almost completely new wardrobe. I don’t have to wash more than once a week anymore…LOL! Who knew losing weight was so expensive :).

5. Tuesday I went and got my allergy shots. By the time I got home (mind you, after sitting in the clinic for the required 30 minutes to check for reactions) I was starting to be covered in lovely red dots…everywhere. Called the clinic and they said get to the ER. So, we turn around and head back to base. 4 hours, a Benadryl IV, blood work, a dose of prednisone and a cup of OJ I finally got to come back home. Now I have to go back 1 entire vial in my allergy shots…bummer, I was SO looking forward to only 6 more weekly shots before going monthly.

6. While at the ER I found out my white blood cell count is back up to 23 and my blood sugar was low (mind you I had a full fat, full sugar milkshake a few hours prior). Wonder why?!

7. You know my $1000 camera, yeah, my dSLR, my prized possession?! That thing I had to dust a 2 inch thick layer of dust off of?! I actually picked it back up a couple of weeks ago and have been using it (you wouldn’t know it though by my slacking on my p365 posts).

8. I tried to jump back on the food tracking wagon this week, after taking a hiatus pretty much since my gallbladder surgery and it is annoying…LOL! I guess that I don’t feel it is necessary anymore, since I am maintaining with no extra effort (just the lifestyle changes I have made since the band) and I am not sure I truly want to go the other 17 pounds down to my final goal, i really like where I am at. I dunno…we’ll see how I feel and what my weight does with this latest fill.

9. This house is entirely too quiet without Jacey here.

10. I am thrilled, I booked our parasailing ride for the 11th. It is our 10th anniversary gift to each other (July 31st :).

11. I am irritated that Harper’s Island isn’t coming on until Tuesday instead of Saturday as usual. The last episode definitely left my trying to figure out “why”.

12. I have to hit the commissary in the morning, my most unfavorite place to go. Anyone want to go for me? I guess it is better than sitting in a Pensacola dealership with no wifi (where Bry will be, getting the a/c on his 1 year old car fixed).

13. I am addicted to ice cream…sigh.


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