Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things that are on my desk (and probably shouldn’t be).

1. The wrapper from my breakfast (string cheese).

2. Bryan’s weekend duty schedule.

3. Manual for the P&S camera I bought back in November.

4. Brochures from tourist attractions in Mobile.

5. USB stick that needs MP3s on it for my truck.

6. iPod USB cable that belongs in my truck.

7. Book that I finished reading months ago but haven’t taken back to Kelly yet.

8. iPod nano.

9. iPhone.

10. Nike+ sensor pouch for Mel.

11. YMCA pool and fitness class schedules.

12. Prints that belong in a frame at work.

13. Empty water glass.

One Response

  1. If you only came up with 13 you are doing way better than me! :0) My minimalist friend….I don’t even want to begin to count up the things that are on my desk that shouldn’t be…like the kitchen timer, Meghan’s pom-poms, Meghan’s hat…oh wait BOTH kitchen timers are here with me…wonder if that means my family thinks I spend too much time at my desk….hmmmm????


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