long day(s).

Much randomness ahead.

Friday after dropping Jacey off at school, I went for a training run and let me tell you, it kicked my butt. I ran hills in 84% humidity…sigh. I had to do it though, to prepare for the upcoming Gate to Gate, since there is a hill right before the finish line. There were many times I wanted to stop and walk, but I pressed on. Managed to keep my splits fairly close to the norm as well!

[iframe http://www.runkeeper.com/pub/act/Rihizr2DrovNqd1tf8Ja/map 425 345]

Afterward, I had to tackle yet ANOTHER huge pile of pollen that the rain decided to knock off the trees after I cleaned it all up last weekend. There’s another bunch out there that the rain knocked off today, but that is just going to have to wait on Bryan to get home. I am over it. I got cleaned up, took a nap and then picked up J from school. She got her homework done and we decided to check out the Destin YMCA pool. We get free membership there, because of our Niceville membership and they have an outdoor pool versus our tiny indoor pool. It’s a pretty neat place and Jacey had a lot of fun.





Saturday, we decided to just chill at home. I tackled a few cleaning projects and Jacey watched TV most of the day. She did help me go through her room and ended up with a huge bag of books to donate to her school’s used book sale coming up. Talked to Bryan on skype a few times, took a nap, heated up leftovers for dinner…nothing special really, just a low key day at home.

Today on the otherhand was crazy. After breakfast, he headed out. I needed to find a dress for a wedding coming up Friday and we needed two new hoses since both of them have managed to break since Bryan’s been gone (why does everything have to break when he’s not home?) and the lugging one around to water in the front and back is getting old. So, first stop the BX. :ucky for me, they were having a clearance sale and I actually managed to snag TWO dresses. Yes, I only set out for one but it is a rare day when I actually find something in the BX, much less something I love. The first dress will be for the wedding and then second well, it just made me feel sexy.

(Ignore the horrible pic quality…ignore the shaggy hair too, cut and highlights on Friday can’t come soon enough)





Then it was off to find shoes. Since losing weight, none of my shoes fit anymore, I have gone down half a size and no longer need wide widths. I actually managed to find some I fell in love with at the BX (are pigs flying yet?!). I rarely ever wear heels, but I actually like to feel girly now that I am no longer the size of a small cow. I also needed to get some new shampoo and was apalled to find out that they no longer carry my Bedhead products. What?! They didn’t check with me first…sigh. We walked next door, picked up 2 hoses and headed out.

Next stop was the Emerald Coast Science Center. It’s not all that impressive to me, but Jacey has fun and it was “Plew” day so we got in for a whole $3. Not too bad for an hours worth of entertainment for her. From there, we headed to Sandestin for a late lunch, Jacey picked IHOP where I ate probably way too many calories. Ah well, we have to splurge once in a while. Then it was to the Nike Outlet where I needed to find a bathing suit. I plan to start adding at least one day a week of swimming laps into my workout plan but my current suit is not made for “swimming” unless I want to be digging out wedgies every lap. Found a suit and some new goggles…the  sales clerk also noticed my military ID and added on a military discount I didn’t even know existed. Love it when they do that!

By this point, Jacey was a bit over the shopping, so she requested Marble Slab (see, it WAS splurge day…LOL). From there, one more stop at Old Navy where I got a black cami to wear under dress #2 so I can wear it to work, black flip flops so it can be casual too, J a new pair of “my favorite color in the whole world” flip flops and $5 flag tees for all 3 of us.

Then it was back home…FINALLY!

And who said the economy was suffering….LOL!

Talked with Bry for a while on Skype and made the menu. Nothing outstanding, but it is food…LOL.

  • grilled cheese & tomato soup
  • pasta & meatballs
  • fish sticks
  • sausage
  • broccoli & cheese potatoes
  • shrimp & grits
  • taco soup
  • meatball subs
  • grilled shrimp & Cuban corn
  • parm burgers
  • chicken with 20 garlic cloves
  • pesto chicken

The two that are linked are new recipes to try. I only “plan” for the main course and as for sides, I always keep frozen veggies, romaine and spinach salad fixings on hand and then pick up whatever fresh veggies look good at the time. Tomorrow I get to make the grocery list…ugh.

Now, it is off to bed…I am exhausted!

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  1. I think we’re going through the same things Lacey! I had to laugh at your posts. I just bought 3 {well 4 but that one isn’t pictured on my blog cause I couldn’t find one of it} dresses and some heels too! LOL.

    You know what? I feel just like you do. Now that I am thinner I feel sexy and cuter and honestly the inner girlie girl is coming out {it was always there of course!} and I LOVE shoes.. I haven’t worn a dress {with the exception of the one I wore to my mom’s memorial service} in years and years. But I love each of the dresses I got and I too can wear them with heels flat sandals!

    It’s really fun! Too bad we don’t live closer we could be hanging out shopping together!


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