miscellaneous Monday (on a Tuesday)

  • Friday I got the results from my abdominal u/s that my surgeon ordered. It is definitely full of gallstones and that is likely what is causing my pain. The same surgeon who did my lap band will do the surgery when I decide to go ahead with it. It is important that a doctor with band experience do it, because you definitely don’t want a doc that is not familiar digging around in there with my $16,000 piece of plastic :). I had an appointment today with my PCM to get her opinion and it is to go ahead. She’d rather me get it done with a surgeon I am familiar with instead of possibly having a bad attack, going to the emergency room and getting whatever surgeon happens to be on call. Now I am just waiting on the final approval from my oncologist to actually schedule.
  • I need some new running music, anyone have any good suggestions? I have had a note to make a new running playlist for weeks now, keep putting it off and then get to the gym and regret it. I listen to pretty much everything except rap/r&b.
  • As for running, I shouldn’t have ran today, because now I hurt and it was a struggle to finish my measly 2.39 miles. I haven’t hurt this bad from running since October…sigh. I did a 5.63 mile run last Monday,  a 2.87 mile last Thursday, a 3.0 last Friday, a 2.36 Sunday and then a 5.72 yesterday. Hopefully by Friday I’ll be feeling better, since that is my next run day. I have a way to go, my goal was to get more miles this month than November and I still have a little over 10 to go. My run chart is here if you are interested…
  • So, the scale was finally my friend again yesterday. I am still 1 pound heavier than what I was 2 weeks ago, but at least it is moving down again. I can definitely tell my band doesn’t have any fluid in it, but portion-wise I am doing better than I expected too. Now if only I could break this addiction to sweets that I have, all would be good.
  • Normally, I am an introvert, except when I have lots on mind, which has been constant recently. Poor Bryan…I want to talk and he needs to study. He tests for tech (E-6 in the Air Force)  next week on the 25th and really wants/needs to make it (for his sanity and mine). Last year was such a heartbreaking year, he missed the cutoff by 0.06 points, he was the first non-selectee in his career field. In actuality, he is still ahead of the *norm* in the AF for rank versus time in service, but he already pulls a tech sargeants duties, so it would be nice to get paid for it (oh yeah, and for him to get the respect that comes with it :).

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  1. You know you can call me if you want to chat!!

    Glad to hear you are getting some help with your abdominal pain, hope the surgery goes well and you can recover quickly and painlessly!!

    Good luck to Bryan too!

  2. I love to work out to Pink, not sure if she is your taste but it keeps me going. Glad you’re getting your gallbladder taken care of. I had that before, so much better after the surgery. Good luck to Brian!

  3. I had my running playlist up on my blog the other day, although I need to prune it some. A few of the songs have turned out to be a bit too slow and they screw up my rhythm.

    Good luck to Brian! I wish the Army would do their promotions like the AF. The Army’s system is all jacked up. It’s all on a points systerm, and there are promotion boards. You have to pass a board, and you have to have enough points to make the cutoff score. But every month, the cutoff score changes, depending on how many new ones of that rank they need. They keep it at the maximum level the months they don’t need anyone new, and then they lower it the months they do.

    Jeremy has passed the promotion board, so he’s technically an E5-P right now. He just has to wait for a month to come up where the number of points to be promoted matches what he has. He’s going to keep earning points too, so he can raise his chances.

  4. I had my gall bladder out in January. It wasn’t too bad. I recovered fairly quickly! I hope it goes well for you too! Hugs!


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