Wordy Wednesday

Since I didn’t get around to doing miscellaneous Monday, instead you are getting wordy Wednesday (yes I am corny, I know).

  • So, Sunday was a mess. I was crazy busy working on finishing my RFL presentation but also crazy tired so, that afternoon I laid down for an hour long nap. When I laid down, everything was fine but, not so much when Bryan came to wake me up…he was writhing in pain. Said his lower right abdomen had been severely hurting for over an hour. My first thought is, why didn’t you wake me up. Second thought, what’s wrong. He wants to wait out the pain, I on the other hand think he needs to go to the ER, especially since the pain was so severe it was making him puke. He still tries to insist on waiting it out, so I gave him 15 minutes. No change, so we head to the ER. As per typical military ER, standing room only…sigh. We find out then that I could have taken him to the ER that is only 2 miles from our house instead of 10. Thankfully they got him back fairly quickly, after only about 15 minutes. I took Jacey to Belinda’s house and then sat with him. They did some blood work and a CT scan, plus gave him a bag of saline. They *thought* it was a kidney stone, but it could also be a ruptured appendix. Great. Discharged him with pain meds, an antibiotic and instructions to come back if the pain returned or he started to feel blech. After we got home, he passed a stone, so the first guess was right. Gotta love military medicine…LOL! Thankfully though, the pain is gone and has not returned.


  • Thursday, I had my routine oncology appointment. My doc is thrilled with my weight loss so far and my numbers are staying stable…woohoo!! My white blood cell count was at 15.6, down from 15.8, 4 months ago and an all time high of 21.5 before my lap band surgery. I don’t have to go back again for another 4 months and may eventually get to every 6 months if things continue to stay stable. I’m still tired a lot, but definitely not as much as before I lost weight and other than the fact that I bruise more easily now, you would never know I am a cancer patient. Sometimes Bry and I even wonder if it is true?!
  • I think we finally made a decision for Jacey on the martial arts front. Last week, she had a trial class at the local taekwondo dojo here in town. She loved it and did very well, but they are SO pricey. So, instead she is going to take hapkido at our church’s CLC. I am also going to take it with her and Bry might as well. I know both the instructors and all three of us can get 2, 1 hour classes a week for less than the 3, 1/2  hour classes a week for just Jacey at the taekwondo place. Of course, my staff discount helps…LOL!
  • Ever since finishing the Couch to 5K program, I have steadily tried to work on not only increasing my endurance but also my speed. Throughout the program, I did the walking intervals at 3.5mph and the running intervals at 4.5mph (all at a 1.0 incline). Now, I am up to 3.8mph for the warm up and cool down walk and up to 45 minutes at 5.0mph! I just can’t believe that I can honestly say I am a runner now!
  • Yesterday, I had to totally step outside my box. Those that know me, know that I am an introvert by nature. As the weight comes off, I come more and more out of my shell but, alas, I am still truly an introvert. Yesterday, I had to give a presentation at the Relay For Life Team Captain meeting on how to sign up online for relay 2009. Now, when I signed up to be on the steering committee as the online chair, no one told me I was going to have to be giving presentations…LOL! I lived though and everyone says I did really well, even though I felt like I didn’t. Thankfully, it is over now and I can crawl back in my box.
  • Ice cream…can I tell you how evil ice cream is?! My ice cream addiction has come back with a vengeance. Lately, I have been having several hormone induced tight days, so I am resorting to things that don’t hurt…not good. Luckily, it hasn’t affected my weight, in fact, I lost a pound between my 6 month weigh in on the 25th and my regular weekly weigh in on the 26th. Yet. If I don’t knock it off, eventually it will. I have come too far to sabatoge myself….sigh….Sunday, February 1, I will get back on track. Please, hold me to it!
  • Jacey came home with her report card today and she is on the A honor roll again this 9 weeks. She is such a smart little cookie, tonight she made a paper piecing of Abraham Lincoln after reading a story about him in her new Highlights magazine. We are battling a case of forget-itis lately though…who knew it started *this* early!? Today for example, she forgot to bring home her AR book AND ate lunch at school…mind you, she had a lunchbox when she left for school this morning, but who knows where it is now. She is definitely her father’s child in that aspect. This is the second time recently that she has *forgotten* to eat her packed lunch…so, she had to pay me $2.00 today for the lunch that she wasted. Mean mom that I am…
  • And, we got word today that Bry will be supporting night flying for the next 3 weeks. Why the two squadrons can’t fly the same schedule is beyond me…AF logic for you. I shouldn’t complain, because it only puts him getting home 2 hours later than normal (and he has a cushy schedule to begin with) but, it totally messes up our routine. Usually, I handle getting Jacey off to school and he picks her up so that I have gym time but now I have to figure out a way to get both done (and work), because if Mommy misses her stress relief time, Mommy gets cranky…LOL!

3 Responses

  1. Glad to hear that you are doing well – way to go on the weight loss and the running. I should use you as an example to motivate me :)

  2. Glad that things are going well for you! Way to go on running, loosing weight too! I am sorry to hear about Brian and glad that he’s better as well.

    You know I can totally relate to the whole forgetfulness thing.. I’ve got one of those at home myself… It’s getting pretty bad too so I’ve taken the kind of measures that you have. I finally had to cut out extra-curricular activities due to her forgetfulness which was hard but its sinking in that we’re taking the forgetfulness a little more serious than her just not being able to read, or play on the computer anymore.. *sigh* I feel like a horrible parent but middle school is next year and I cannot imagine them letting her slide like they do in elementary!!!


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