How is it that a day can start out so good and turn out so crappy?! That was my yesterday and it spread into today…sigh.

Yesterday, we got up, ate, got dressed and headed out to walk in the Niceville-Valparaiso Christmas Parade. Had a great time throwing out candy, saw and bunch of people we knew and the weather was perfect. Get back home and fix us lunch. Jacey was complaining that her stomach hurt so she didn’t eat much and I got stuck on my very first bite…of taco soup, go figure. So, I gave up, started some laundry and then both of us layed down for a nap. Jacey was feeling hot and said her stomach hurt, so I didn’t get the usual resistance against a nap.

Two hours later, I woke up and since Jacey was still asleep, I attempted to reheat my lunch and eat again. This time, I got stuck on the second bite. By this point I am thinking that I may be a bit overfilled, but I could still drink so I was okay. Jacey finally got up after a 3 hour nap and was burning up…100.6, only a mild temp. I layed her on the couch and got her a water bottle to sip on. A bit later, she asked me to come snuggle with her so I did. We watched an episode of Extreme Home Makeover and not 5 minutes before I was going to get up and make her dinner, she jumped up and looked paniced. All of a sudden, she is projectile vomiting all over me, the couch, the remote, pillows, blanket, Charley (her elephant) and the brand new carpet (brand new back in February)…oh and did I mention very light tan carpet?! And, when I say projectile, I am not kidding…she reached about 3 feet away from her…it was absolutely revolting. I handle most things well, expect vomit. She finally stops long enough for me to get her to the bathroom where she proceeds to throw up again, this time in the toliet. Because it was all over her and in her hair, I ran her a warm bath and then proceeded to call Bryan on the verge of tears. Not that he could do anything, thousands of miles away, but I just needed some sort of support in that moment. Got off the phone and tackled cleaning up the mess. Scrubbed the carpet and *think* I got it all out, cleaned teh couch which is thankfully leather, sanitized the remote and added 2 more loads of laundry to my already 10 loads. Jacey felt okay, so I left her in the tub and jumped in for a quick shower myself…sigh. After that, I got J out of the tub and parked her on the couch with a towel and bucket. She only threw up one more time before bed and thankfully into the bucket. After I got her in bed (with towel, bucket and nightlight in place), I set about cleaning the kitchen and fixing me some scrambled eggs with cream cheese and ketchup (sounds gross, I know). I sat down on skype with Bryan and managed to get a whole 3 bites down before feeling the pressure building up. Finished talking to Bryan, drank a little bot of water slowly, read and then had the lights out by 10pm. It was a good thing, since J was up at 11:35pm going to the bathroom and not 10 minutes after I got her tucked back in, she was throwing up again…thankfully into the bucket. Got her cleaned up, the bucket sanitized and her tucked back in. Luckily, nothing else until she woke up bright-eyed and bushy tailed at 7am this morning.

Then, this morning…she feels better. I let her sip on some water and nibble on some saltines. Me on the otherhand…I go to take my meds this morning (1 tiny tablet and 1 medium sized tablet) and immediately I feel them stuck. Here comes the elephant standing on my chest. I get into the position that normally go. I take a few small sips of water, hoping it will help dislodge and/or dissolve the meds…no go…even more intense pain and the water immediately comes back up. Not good. So, I take up my relief position and call Bryan. Again, not much he can do but at least he gracefully listens to me cry. After about 2 hours of the intense pain (that was WAY worse than any other pain I have ever had), I break down and call my surgeons office in tears. They page him, he calls immediately back and says, no food or drink for 4-6 hours, then only clear liquids and I am to go in tomorrow afternoon to get 0.5cc’s removed. Thankfully, the pain has subsided a bit and is bearable now. I even broke down and made some jello, I am so hungry for when I am able to eat tonight. That is saying a lot, because I HATE jello…that’s how hungry I am. I guess only 1600 calories since Thursday morning will do that to you.

I am bummed, because the unexpected trip back to Pensacola tomorrow means I have to miss my work Christmas party which I love going to. It’s probably for the best though, because I would have been miserable not being able to eat any of the yummy catered food…*sigh*.

So, the rest of my day is going to consist of taking a nap (sleeping makes me not realize the hunger as severely) and finishing the mounds of laundry.

So, how was your day?!

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  1. When it rains it pours. If the vomit smell isn’t totally out of the carpet, what works wonders is that enzyme pet stain remover stuff. I swear. Either the expensive Nature’s Miracle from Petsmart, or Walmart has a cheaper version called OUT!.

    Hope you are able to eat something this evening!

  2. So sorry you have to suffer the sick kido by yourself…I KNOW that sucks worse than atomic twinkies! Glad she is feeling better and that you too will feel better soon. Even though Bryan couldn’t be there to help, I bet just the sound of his voice gave you the strength needed.

    Just be careful with that enzyme stuff on your carpet, our house has bleached spots on the carpet that are probably from that kind of stuff, it has optical brighteners in it. Best bet is believe it or not, vinegar.


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