miscellaneous Monday

  • So, as much as I really didn’t want to make a trip back to Pensacola this soon, I was left with no choice. I HAD to go get an unfill. Dr. Nye took 0.5cc out and even though that isn’t that much, I felt immediate relief. I am back on liquids for 3 days but that is okay, ANYTHING is better than yesterday’s experience. Soup never tasted so good!
  • So my hair…don’t I have this dilemma about every 6 months?! I have an appointment scheduled for Friday and was planning on just a trim but that was before I started losing handfuls of hair daily from the rapid weight loss. A while back, Bryan asked me to keep it long and he rarely asks me anything, so I’d like to accommodate that…I myself also like it long but it is getting so thin and stringy. I bought some biotin at the recommendation of my surgeon’s nurse and hope that helps but in the meantime, I don’t know what to do. Do I bear with it or do I go ahead and cut it into a shorter bob and hope some new growth starts coming in as it grows out? Decisions, decisions…

Yes, this is a short miscellaneous Monday…I have lots more I’d like to talk about but here in a few minutes, it will no longer be comprehensible, I am so tired. So, I’ll just leave ya’ll with that…

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  1. I understand the husband wanting the hair long, but I would honestly say cut it, get it full and healthy again and then grow it out. If your hair isn’t healthy to begin with it won’t grow well at all. Just my .02! :)


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