Christmas Spirit

I have had a heck of a time getting in the Christmas spirit. I don’t know if it is because Bryan is gone or because I work at a church and the stress level is sky high since this is our *busy* season. I dunno. It is so bad though, that anytime a Christmas song comes on the radio, I cringe and turn the station.

I should be thrilled, this is the most magical time of the year. Our entire reason for being is wrapped in this time. Our greatest gift….*sigh*.

I’m trying, but it is not getting me very far. I did manage to finish shopping and get all the presents wrapped. I got the Christmas cards finished, letter written and mailed. I even managed to get the stocking hung and filled.

That’s it though.

The garage is a wreck with the rest of the Christmas decorations that I have no desire to touch.

Poor Jacey, having to deal with a bah humbug Mom this year….

Anyhow, here is our Christmas letter, I didn’t want to share it here till I had given everyone a chance to get the real thing in the mail.


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