miscellaneous Monday

  • Can I just say that TDY’s suck!? We are finally into the 30’s (39 more days till he comes home) but time feels like it is crawling. i would have thought staying busy would help…nope.
  • I am in love with this song. I heard it on the radio today and once I got home, I headed to itunes to buy it.


  • The military here lately, needs to get its act together. Finanace is messing with our pay (family sep) and immunizations STILL supposedly doesn’t have flu vaccines for dependants. Hello?! About 3 weeks ago, they told me that following Monday…I am high risk, I want to get it over with. *sigh*
  • I am SO thankful for being off tomorrow for Veteran’s Day. I love days when I can just chill.
  • It is chilly here, so I am going to make chili tomorrow since I will be home to babysit the crock pot. I so need a new one, my current one gets entirely too hot and will burn food that is supposed to cook on low for 8-9 hours after only 3-4. I really want one with a digital timer, so I can set it and go to work but the ones I have looked at don’t have very good reviews. Any recommendations?

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  1. You know what really sucks? Even though tomorrow is Veteran’s Day, and Jeremy is technically a veteran, since he’s been to Iraq twice, he has to work all day. They have gigs all day, and even one at night. It’s going to suck for him. Go Army?

  2. Hey what’s a TDY? It sounds tough to be separated from your partners with out being mucked around by the administration. I hope you chilly day chilli goes well. I picked up some 20 year old plus crockpots at a second hand shop and have had them going strong for a least a decade – stoneware insides etc and they’ve been great – called “Crock pots” – no timers. Probably no help at all to you, sorry. Mel

  3. @ meghann:

    Didn’t he have to work last Veteran’s Day too?! That sucks…Bryan almost had to work, but they got called this morning and told not too. I guess that is the only benefit of having the civilians there in NM.

    Tell him thank you for me!

  4. Hey there :) On the crockpot – I got one from the BX – it’s not digital, but it’s big and I love it, it was only about $35…Hamilton Beach – Stay or Go…I needed a bigger one after I dropped the ceramic part to the old one I had (by accident?) and it shattered all over the floor…

    On going green – I love the green bags from the commissary too :) My other new effort is this: I bought a bag of 25 microfiber cloths (they were in the car care section at Sam’s) and I use them to wipe down my counters, clean the bathrooms, clean up the millions of messes my kids make every day – then I throw ’em in the wash. I go through about 3 rolls of papertowels in a month now, instead of the big 12 roll package. They wipe messes better than papertowels anyway…

    Happy Tuesday :)


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