he’s gone

We’ve known about this TDY for a while now, but they kept changing the dates so much that I was beginning to wonder if it was actually going to happen. The last set of dates had Bryan flying out November 3rd and returning December 19th. That was until Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon, Bryan’s supervisor called him and said that the chief wanted him on a plane by Thursday.


They have been having issues over there (New Mexico) and Bryan kept asking them to go ahead and send him so he could fix them. No, you are going with the next set of jets, which of course kept getting changed due to issues. Finally I guess on Tuesday they decided they couldn’t keep wasting hundreds of thousands a day (since September 17th) and needed to send Bryan yesterday.


So, Bryan’s supervisor picked him up this morning and took him to the airport. We don’t have a set return date yet, but we are penciling in December 19th since that was the latest return we have seen thuis far. Just pray for safe travels and time to fly on both ends.

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  1. I had been thinking he was gone already, and was wondering about it. Sucks that he left, but now you get to count down to when he’ll be back! Hopefully things go smoothly, and he gets to come back safe and sound sooner rather than later.


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